Promotion Rules


From time to time we may run promotional offers, these are for the benefit of all site visitors within the UK only.


We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any promotion at any time.

Promotions are exclusive of shipping charges unless the payment is made through Google Checkout.

Brighter Smile Products decision is final, we do not intent to mislead anyone with any of our promotions and the purchaser will receive a genuine promotional offer if there is one available.

Our promotions are used and designed in an effort to attract visitors to our website.

All promotions carried on the site will be for a determined time period or usage period. i.e. discount codes are used and can be restricted to number of time the code can be used,  the number of time any customer can use a code, the date from and too that a code can be used.

Each Code / Promotion will have the conditions clearly stated.

We are not a lottery site or Prize operator.

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